HBP Spiritual Healing

I want to share with you the process of HBP Spiritual Healing - never accomplished by the Natural Mind or the Arm of Flesh.

Medical Science had done all that the Medical Process could do in treating my Primary Hypertension - diagnosed as a Chronic Disease with an Unknown Cause and an Unknown Cure.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual is relating to or being of the Soul and Spirit -

contrast - Natural is relating to or being of the Physical or Flesh.

Spiritual Healing starts or commences in the Spirit and is Manifested in the Natural or Physical or Flesh.

Getting HBP Spiritual Healing To Work

Spiritual Healing is always available, but you must know how to get the Holy Spirit to work for you.

  • You must first have a Spiritual relationship with HIM -
  • You must have received Him.
  • You must receive God's Word.
  • You must believe HIS Word.
  • You must act on HIS Word in Faith.

Two Prominent elements - Word and Faith:

Word -

This is no ordinary word - this is the WORD of GOD:

  • Alive, Life
  • Spirit
  • Powerful
  • Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword:
  • Piercing Even To The Dividing Of Soul And Spirit
  • Piercing To The Dividing Of Joints And Marrow
  • A Discerner Of The Thoughts And Intents Of The Heart

The Word of GOD is absolutely necessary for High Blood Pressure Spiritual Healing.

Faith -

This is no ordinary faith - CHRIST our FAITH and:

  • The Author Of Our Faith.
  • The Finisher Of Our Faith.
  • The Object Of Our Faith.
  • Our Faith Comes By Hearing And Reading The Word of GOD.
  • We Are Saved Through Faith.
  • We Live By Faith.
  • We Walk By Faith.
  • We Please GOD By Faith.
  • We Accept Faith As The Substance Of Things Hoped For.
  • We Accept Faith As The Evidence Of Things Not Seen.

Faith is absolutely necessary for Blood Pressure Spiritual Healing.

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